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Choosing Between a Locksmith and Dealership to Replace Keys

We understand that to most motorists contacting a dealership to replace your car key is the most logical thing to do. However, at 24/7 Tampa Locksmith in Tampa, FL, we assure you that this is not the most logical way to obtain a key. We realize that when most people lose a key it is usually at great cost and frustration to them. It’s a time when the temperature outside is unbearable or when it’s a thunderstorm outside. Even after being locked out of the car during these types of situations, a motorist still doesn’t have a spare key made. The problem isn’t that they do not want a new one made, it is usually because they don’t want to pay the cost associated with having a new key made. If your car uses an advanced fob key feature, it will cost you more to replace than a standard car key that you just place in the ignition to start the car. The fob key is usually more expensive because of the components used to make the key. A dealership will be happy to replace the key for you but you can be sure that it will be at a premium. When you rely on the services of a locksmith for your new electronic key fob, it is often less expensive and more convenient since they come to wherever you are.

In addition to the level of convenience and the cheaper price offered to you by a locksmith, here are some other reasons for allowing a locksmith to handle the job of making you a spare key:

A locksmith can perform the same job that is offered at a dealership when you need to have a spare electronic fob key made. They have received the appropriate training and are adept at making fob keys for every make and model of automobile. They want your business and will treat you as a valued customer when you choose the services of a reputable and reliable locksmith in Tampa, Florida.

Most local locksmith services offer its customers 24-hour mobile lock and key services. A professional locksmith service knows what the needs of his market are. This is why they realize that being able to offer their services when the customer may need them most often is so important. They understand that losing a key is already frustrating enough; the last thing they would want to do is cause you any further aggravation. This is why many of them will not only offer 24-hour servicing but they will come to your location to make the spare key. When you rely on a locksmith you avoid the added expense of having to have your car towed. This is when the expenses start piling up. Rather than having your car towed to the dealership and having to wait for God knows how long, it is usually best to just contact the services of a locksmith. The only waiting you will have to do is between the time you place your service request and the amount of time it takes for them to arrive to your location.

To make matters worse, if you have your car towed to a dealership, you will often have to present a host of paperwork, which may take you some time to collect. Calling on the services of a locksmith helps you to avoid this nightmare. When you turn to a locksmith, you’ll only be asked to show identifying paperwork, such as, license and registration. Once you have supplied this information, they will go to work on getting you your new key made. Those who rely on the services of a locksmith love the level of convenience it offers to them and will only use a locksmith to replace their automotive car keys.

Surely if you’ve lost your keys and cannot get back into your car, it is considered an emergency. You’ll need the help of someone who can quickly come to your aid. In many cases this is a locksmith, not a dealership. A professional locksmith service offers emergency services. No matter what the emergency situation may be, you can trust that a dependable locksmith company will have well-qualified locksmith technicians with the skills needed to handle the job of replacing your car key. Locksmiths anticipate emergency situations and are always prepared to act at a moments notice. You won’t have to wait for them to open like you would if you were relying on the services of a dealership. A locksmith will get you back on the road faster than a dealership would.

Since many locksmith companies are depending on the motorist in their area needed their services, they are generally reliable resources. They know that since there are other locksmith services in the area, they must act quickly if they wish to retain your business. A professional locksmith service is able to attend to your need when you need them the most. When you contact a dealership they may take their time about getting back to you and might even not be able to offer you immediate servicing. This can be a serious problem, especially if you are locked out. Minimize your level of frustration by relying on a locksmith to help with your key needs.

Again, a professional locksmith service will be able to predict when their services are needed. This means they arrive quickly and have all that they need for the job with them when they arrive to you’re location. This doesn’t waste your time or theirs. Rely on a dealership and you’ll have to wait for the tow truck, wait in a line to be seen by someone in the service department and then wait to have the key made. Eliminate all of this by dealing directly with a locksmith service.

There is absolutely no doubt about who offers you the most convenience, cost effective pricing and overall, better option for having a new key made; a locksmith.