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What to do – ignition cylinder problems

Ignition cylinders are on cars and who do you call for help when you have car problems? If you answered “a mechanic or car dealer” you are only partially right. Here in Renton, WA there is another good/best choice when you need service for your vehicle’s ignition system; a locksmith!

You might be shaking your head about now. After all, what does a locksmith have to do with your car’s ignition? Actually, quite a bit! Of course, you can still go get your ignition cylinder serviced anywhere you like, but by following our 24 Hour Renton WA Locksmith advice, you‘ll save a lot of time and money and get the job done at your convenience, too.

Start your engines!

We all know that in order to drive your car, you need to start the engine. You do this by turning on the ignition with a key. Doing this provides power to the car’s fuel system along with all other electrical parts that also includes your car’s computer. Your ignition sends power from the battery to the car’s starter in order to start the engine so that you can drive. So far; so good. But, what happens if you turn the key and nothing happens? What then?

It might be your battery

One culprit may be your car’s battery. Check it by turning on the radio. Be sure to check your volume control; you won’t hear the radio at all if it is turned down too far. You can also check headlights, windshield wipers and dashboard lights. If your battery is low on “juice” or completely dead your car won’t start. Your ignition system may be fine but you are not driving anywhere.

Are you in PARK?

If your vehicle’s battery is fine, be sure to check your gears. You should be in P for PARK. Your car won’t start if you are not in this gear. Check it by moving the gear shift until it clicks. It won’t start in D for DRIVE or N for NEUTRAL either. As simple as this check sounds, many people have gone on to call for repair service without checking their gears first. Save yourself some time and money by being in the right gear.

Check your steering wheel

Are you ready for another simple test? Here it is; try jiggling your steering wheel back and forth. This is to unlock it. It’s a safety feature built in to late model cars but if it’s not unlocked, your ignition won’t turn on. While you are checking this, be sure that your ignition key is in the ON position. Your car won’t start if it isn’t. In fact, your ignition key won’t even come out! This too is another safety feature – designed to preventyour key from coming out while the car is being driven. Turn your key to the OFF position and remove the key. Now, put it back in and attempt to start your car.

Wiggle the key

You’ve tried moving the steering wheel back and forth. Now, do the same for the ignition key. Be gentle; you DON’T want a key extraction to worry about, too! Sometimes the gentle rocking motion back and forth is enough to wiggle the key loose so that you can re-insert it and start the car up. Be extra sure that you are using the right key. Many keys look somewhat alike and it is possible that the wrong one was inserted in the ignition and that’s why it won’t start. A wrong key often gets stuck in the ignition switch. If this is your situation, try to gently remove it and if does not come out, call for help.

Watch out who you take advice from!

Friends and family mean well, the really do. Everyone seems to have an opinion of what to do when having automotive problems and how best to fix the situation. This would be fine if the people giving advice were mechanics, locksmiths or experienced experts but most often, they are not. Allowing them to tinker with your car’s parts can be time consuming and expensive so be extra careful when they want you to “pop the hood” and let them make adjustments. You can wind up with hurt feelings as well as a bigger repair bill than you were already facing.

What are my options?

If your car’s ignition system is still not working it may be time for professional help. In Renton, WA there are many mechanics and auto dealers that would love to help you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Bear in mind that your car won’t start and if it won’t start, it can’t be driven.

Be ready to pay for towing charges. Your car will have to be towed to your mechanic or auto dealership and then worked on by their professionals. All this involves big expense and long waits while service is being done.

Best choice

Why not call a locksmith? After all, your ignition switch is just a fancy name for a lock to your ignition starter. You use a key so why not let an experienced and skilled professional make the necessary repairs and adjustments? Many local shops including 24 Hour Renton WA Locksmith offer round the clock service that includes emergencies. Call us or your favorite full service automotive locksmith firm that also offers fast response times and licensed, bonded, and insured technicians. By doing this, you’ll be cutting costs as well as time spent while still getting premium quality service at your convenience.

Using an automotive locksmith saves money as no dealership middle man charges are needed. It also eliminates the need for towing as the locksmith comes to you. Most offer same day appointments, free price quotes and warrantied parts and labor.

We recommend that you find a locksmith shop that you are comfortable working with BEFORE you need ignition cylinder repair service. Enter their contact information into your smart phone and have it handy in case of need. If your ignition system “acts up” follow the above tips and if it still doesn’t work, give your lock and key pros a call!