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How to avoid troubles with keys and locks

Locks and keys - whether automotive, residential, or commercial - play a huge part in our business and personal lives, day in and day out, even though we hardly ever think about it. We normally don’t give our keys and locks a second thought...until that one time...when an emergency occurs. It’s unnerving to be locked out, but you need not let it get to you. There are many ways you can stay safe and secure, and prevent most of the problems that could arise.

Avoid lockouts with preventive maintenance. When you are pro-active, making sure your locks very well maintained, you may never have to call a locksmith at all. Keep an eye out for:

If you do happen to observe any of these issues, you ought to change out the locks, because worn-out locks are prone to break or get stuck, and lock you out. Faulty and old locks make you more susceptible to robbery.

There are indeed things you can do to extend the life of your locks:

Do you have a broken or stuck key? Don’t hurry with your keys, or you may find yourself in a lousy predicament. Your key could break off in the lock! Haste makes waste. So take that extra few seconds to be patient with your key, and you’ll likely always avoid the misery of a lockout.

If, nevertheless, you’re unfortunate enough to have your key break inside the lock mechanism, if it happens before you close the door, then you won’t be able to lock it, which obviously leaves you vulnerable to theft. If you break the key off in the lock mechanism after you have closed the door, probably you won’t be able to open the door again. A broken key can even damage the lock itself. Here’s what you can do:

Take extra security measures. Depending upon your living circumstances, if you’re feeling acutely vulnerable at your home, at your commercial property, or regarding your vehicle, there are a good many ways to give yourself peace of mind.

Additional ways you’ll feel more secure and safe:

Most expert locksmiths recommend deadbolts. Be sure they’re properly installed. Get only a reputable superior-quality brand, at least a grade 2. A deadbolt ought to have at least a one-inch throw. On the strike side, there should be a security plate with screws that are at least three inches long, going all the way into the wooden frame of the door. In case you have a window near or on your door, keep in mind that a thumbturn deadbolt isn’t going to do much good, since an intruder can knock out the glass, reach in, and turn it. To stop this from occurring, install a double-cylinder type of deadbolt lock, which requires a key on the inside.